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About Us

Florida Department of Health - St. Johns County


Public Health (PH) is a specialized science that focuses on the community as its client for the provision of disease control and health protection services. As part of the integrated Florida Department of Health (DOH), DOH-St. Johns provides essential PH services to a growing population that is approaching 300,000 residents and approximately 6.5 million annual visitors to our County. Services are directly provided by DOH-St. Johns staff through the Service Centers listed in this website. These Centers provide services within the version 2022 framework of the 10 Public Health Accreditation domains, as defined by the Public Health Accreditation Bureau (PHAB) Standards & Measures.

  • DOH-St. Johns: Public Health System Leader
  • Public Health Passion in Action
  • DOH-St. Johns Culture

System Managment Model based upon Assessment, Policy Development, and Assurance around a core of Research, accomplished by: Monitor Health, Diagnose and Investigate, Inform, educate, and empower, Mobilize community partnetships, Develop Policies, Enforce laws, Link to and provide care, Assure a competent workforce, Evaluate, Reasearch.

DOH-St. Johns is the acknowledged leader of our community’s Public Health System which includes private, public, and voluntary entities that contribute to the delivery of healthcare and community services that affect Health Factors and Health Outcomes. DOH-St. Johns supports partner agencies to optimize efforts to positively impact the community's health and welfare.

As an agency of state government, DOH-St. Johns is accountable to the public. We exist to provide essential PH Services to the St. Johns County community by leveraging our all-encompassing Core Competency “Public Health Passion in Action”. Our local mission, vision and values statements mirror those of the integrated DOH. Our purpose statement was developed to reflect the culture we have created in DOH-St. Johns. We have a caring, compassionate culture where the client and the public are our first concern.

The leadership of DOH-St. Johns supports a culture based on honesty, integrity and personal responsibility; that fosters diversity and mutual respect; an atmosphere of creativity, empowerment and teamwork; and trust, loyalty and compassion as the foundation of the values and beliefs that drive how we conduct business. Staff members are encouraged and provided opportunities to participate in decision making and provide input towards achieving Agency goals. Staff continually develops innovative strategies to accomplish the agency’s mission, vision, values, purpose, and core competency as shown below.

Mission: To Protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts. Vision: to be the healthiest state in the nation. Values: Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Responsiveness, Excellence. Purpose: DOH-St. Johns is a center of excellence in public health. Core Competency: Public Health Passion in Action.

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