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DOH-St. Johns - Agency Balanced Scorecard

Florida Department of Health - St. Johns County

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The Florida Department of Health in St. Johns County’s (DOH–St. Johns) Balanced Scorecard is a single-page document that outlines the major points of our Strategic Plan.  The intent is that it is understandable, measurable and actionable.

DOH–St. Johns 2017 - 2020 Balanced Scorecard

  • Priority 1 - Health Protection and Promotion
  • Priority 2 - Financial and Business Excellence
  • Priority 3 - Service to Customers and Community
  • Priority 4 - Workforce Development

Priority 1 - Health Protection and Promotion: Protect community health and ensure resilience

  • 1.1       Protect population from emerging health threats (Improve Health Factors)
  • 1.2       Reduce chronic disease morbidity / mortality (Improve Health Outcomes)
  • 1.3       Improve health equity / maternal and child health

Priority 2 - Financial and Business Excellence:  Ensure financial sustainability through innovations, process improvement, and maximizing efficiencies

  • 2.1       Support Statewide re-accreditation
  • 2.2       Maximize revenue generation
  • 2.3       Improve efficiency of processes

Priority 3 - Service to Customers and Community: Affordable, Accessible, Coordinated, and High Quality Public Health Services

  • 3.1       Demonstrate value of Public Health by improving population health by enhancing collaborative partnerships (Chief Health Strategist, Community Health Assessment, Community Health Improvement Plan)
  • 3.2       Demonstrate value of Public Health by enhancing customer and stakeholder engagement 

Priority 4 - Workforce Development: Engagement, Accountability and Development

  • 4.1       Attract, recruit, and retain a competent credentialed workforce
  • 4.2       Ensure system to support the current and future workforce